Useful information

At Alta Voyages, we strongly recommend that you have a full travel insurance when purchasing your trip.

The agency has worked in collaboration with Blue Cross for many years. Blue Cross’ insurance products meet all our travelers’ needs. We offer various packages including Cancellation and Interruption Insurance, Emergency Medical Care and Baggage Coverage. Cancellation insurance is the only protection that will allow you to get your money back if your have to cancel your trip for a medical reason, or another situation beyond your control (political situation, government advice, etc.).

We also recommend that you buy medical insurance, as medical costs can be very high when traveling abroad. Blue Cross’ travel medical insurance allows you to be referred to clinics approved by the insurer, where you will receive quality service.

When purchasing your insurance, you must indicate any pre-existing conditions. If you have a pre-existing condition, and that condition is the cause of your hospitalization during your trip, the costs will not be covered by the travel insurance. The Government of Quebec will pay a part of the hospital costs, but the difference in costs will not be covered by Blue Cross.

Do not hesitate to ask your advisor for more information!