Greece’s immense legacy to the world makes this travel destination an inspiring educational choice for students. Considered the cradle of Western civilization, Greece promises to enrich the knowledge of every traveler. Surrounded by the seas, this country offers awe-inspiring landscapes, ranging from its sublime beaches to the summit of Mount Olympus.

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  Art, Cultural, Flora and Fauna, History, Outdoor, Science
Durée Duration
  10 days (8 nights)

Trip plan

Day 1

Flight to Athens

Day 2

Arrived in Athens, depart by coach to the Argolis region, birthplace of the Atrides and a place of pilgrimage for all devotees of classical culture. Stop at the Corinth Canal, an artificial waterway carved out to connect the Gulf of Corinth to the Saronic Gulf. The Corinth Canal therefore makes the Peloponnese an island, since it pierces right through the isthmus connecting this peninsula to the rest of Greek territory. Continue to Tolo and settle into your accommodation where you can enjoy a nice dinner and rest. Meal included: dinner.

Day 3

Today, explore the city of Nafplio, Greece’s first capital. This city conceals many architectural treasures steeped in history. Visit the Palamedes Fortress, named after the son of Nauplios. This imposing fortress, built on the eponymous hill dominating the city, consists of a simple enclosure containing 7 isolated forts that bear the names of ancient warriors. After lunch, travel by coach to Mycenae. Cross a magnificent fertile region where orange and other fruit trees grow in abundance. In Mycenae, discover an ancient city with impressive remains. On the Acropolis, surrounded by a Cyclopean wall, you can see six royal tombs where many treasures were found. The site, as a whole, is an archaeological wonder that takes you back to the depths of its excavations until the 3rd millennium BC! When the visit is over, return to Tolo for the evening. Meals included: breakfast and dinner.

Day 4

Enjoy a good breakfast at your accommodation and depart by coach to Epidaurus. Explore the Theater of Epidaurus, Temple of Greek Tragedy, an outdoor stone amphitheater famous for its unique acoustics in the world. Then go to Ligourio to visit an olive oil factory. Greece is the third largest producer of olive oil in the world and its inhabitants are also the biggest consumers of this oil: The Greeks indeed consume more than 16 liters of olive oil per year! Continue your journey to the small town of Galatas and board a caique, a small rustic boat, to reach the island of Poros. Admire the view of the island which rises like a natural and architectural jewel above the sea: boats and sailboats sail past magnificent hills with pine forests and white houses with red roofs – a true postcard landscape. Enjoy dinner and a free afternoon to explore the peaceful town of Poros at your leisure and shop for souvenirs. Finally, take the ferry back to Tolo. Meals included: breakfast and dinner.

Day 5

One of Greece’s must-sees is certainly the famous site of Olympia, which saw the birth of the most famous sports competition of all time: the Olympic Games. Take the road after lunch to get there. In addition to having hosted the Olympic Games every four years, from 776 BC to 393 AD, Olympia is also a religious sanctuary dedicated to Zeus. Destroyed by earthquakes and possibly a tidal wave, all that remains today are ruins that you can explore and a museum where you can admire, among other things, the statue of Hermes by Praxiteles. Check into your nearby accommodation and enjoy a delicious dinner. Meals included: breakfast and dinner.

Day 6

Put on your most comfortable clothes and walking shoes, and board your coach to reach Delphi, where you will hike. Cross to Rio via the Gulf of Corinth with the ferry that will take you through to Antirrion, in the region of central Greece. Once in Delphi, you will have the unique opportunity to follow the pilgrims’ path to the Oracle of Delphi. The departure is made by the path which begins in Delphi until the village of Chrysso. The view extends over the valley of Pleistos, the “sea of ​​olive trees”, which descends towards the coast. The hike continues down towards the Pelistos (the river of Delphi), to follow the route that visitors to Delphi used in antiquity: it crosses fields of olive trees, runs alongside old water mills and leads to the Archeological site. A lunch box on the way will be provided to you. At the end of the day, the rest at your accommodation in Delphi will be well deserved. Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 7

After breakfast, you can finally explore the site of Delphi. This Mecca of the Greek spirit, dedicated to the god Apollo, is located on the side of Mount Parnassus and overlooking the sacred plain. It is also carpeted with olive trees. Delphi was, for the ancient Greeks, the center of the world, or the “navel of the world” (Omphalos), and is still today a place of great importance for devotees of ancient Greece. Also discover the museum housing the beautiful statues of the Charioteer and the Sphinx. Visit finished, leave by coach for Thessaly. Thessaly occupies the center of mainland Greece where high mountains encircle a plain. According to local legend, this is the home of the gods, the land of the Centaurs. Check into the hotel in Kalambaka, a small town in Thessaly. Meals included: breakfast and dinner.

Day 8

Today, take a trip to the Penea Valley to discover the Meteora monasteries. In a surrealist setting stand the monasteries perched on rocky peaks, where their stone architecture merges with the rock of the eroded cliffs. Visit one two between three monasteries: Agio Stephanos, the great Varlaam or the great Meteora (depending on the opening days). Then return to Athens via Thermopylae in the early afternoon. The Thermopylae take their name from the battle which took place around 480 BC. The gorge of Thermopylae, between Mount Kalídromo and the sea, was the main passage between Thessaly and southern Greece during Antiquity. In Athens, take a scenic coach tour to admire and learn about the capital’s main landmarks: The University, the Academy, the Library, Omonia Square, Sintagma Square, and the Marble Stadium of Stone coubertin. Check into your hotel at the end of the day. Meals included: breakfast and dinner.

Day 9

Complete your trip to Greece with a guided walking tour of Athens. Discover, among other things, the old Agora, this famous place where traders and residents met and socialized during Antiquity. And also, the sacred rock of the Accropolis, located on a rocky plateau in the center of the city, whose buildings and functions today symbolize the heritage of the spirit and the culture of the Greek antiquity. Also visit the Acropolis Museum of Athens to admire an impressive collection of artefacts from excavations on the Acropolis, dating from prehistoric times to late antiquity. Then, enjoy the afternoon at leisure: take a walk in Pláka, the old quarter known for its typical alleys and its flea market; try dishes of local gastronomy; shop for souvenirs; stroll through its streets to soak up the atmosphere. Meals included: breakfast and dinner.

Day 10

Coach transfer to Athens airport for your return flight. Meals included: lunch (to be confirmed according to your flight schedule).

Trip details

What’s included

  • Round trip flight as well as airport transfers and taxes
  • Coach transportation as indicated in your itinerary
  • Local tour guide services
  • Activities, visits and meals mentioned on your program
  • 3 stars hotel accommodation
  • 24/7 emergency phone service

What’s not included

  • Meals that are not mentioned on your program
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Optional activities
  • Gratuities

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